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Free Career Information, Tools, and Resources


Free Career Information, Tools, and Resources




Employers are often flexible when it comes to hiring practices and policies
Ever been turned down for lack of experience or a degree? There are ways to overcome these obstacles.
How to conduct your job search online
The article describes many ways in which you can conduct an online job search campaign.
Layoff Survival - top six things you should do after being downsized
Surviving the axe is never easy but we have outline our pick of top six things you should do to survive a layoff.
Almost 75% of jobs are never advertised -- how can you tap into this hidden job market
Given that almost three-fourths of job openings are filled without relying on the open market, it is very important to add networking to your mix of job search strategies.
Step out of your comfort zone to shorten job search time
While continuing to focus on traditional job search strategies, it is very important for job seekers to keep their antennae alert to job opportunities that may present themselves serendipitously.
I am concerned about my privacy; should I avoid using online job boards?
Several experts blatantly discourage the use of online job boards, often citing privacy concerns or a low success rate. While I am a very strong proponent of using a portfolio of job search strategies, I don’t see any reason to leave out online job boards. My response to privacy and other issues would be as follows:
Job Search Strategies and Tips
For some, the very word “job search” triggers nostalgic memories from a distant past. The days of freelancing, budgeting, room-sharing, and once-a-day meals paint an unpleasant picture of a "best-if-forgotten" period, a past that you would rather not re-visit. Yet, the undesirable has happened and you find yourself in a situation where you have no option but to go job searching. You suddenly find yourself glued to the desk, desperately responding to help wanted ads and frantically posting your resume on every online job board you can think of. After weeks of slogging, the job search campaign has not yielded the desired results and you -- like most job seekers -- ask yourself “what else can I do?”
Online Job Search: Job Searching In The Digital Age
The Internet has become a virtual home for many of us. From dating to groceries, virtually everything is now done online, often with a much higher level of precision, efficiency, and convenience. With its web cast far and wide, the employment world has not been spared by the Internet's omnipresent reach. Job seekers are very thankful for this advancement, though; from networking to working through the net, you can do it all online. Job search chores that once required many office visits can now be done from the convenience of one's own home or office.
Common Job Search Mistakes
After spending countless hours in the pursuit of employment, most candidates do not achieve the desired results -- a direct consequence of an improperly executed search strategy. The gaffes, it appears, are not restricted to a few. In my experience as a career coach, I have come across some common job search mistakes.
E-mail Etiquette: E-mail Bloopers To Avoid
E-mail has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other; from professional to personal, the medium powers it all. Despite its suitability for both professional and personal communications, the two must be approached very differently. While you may be at liberty to communicate informally with your friends and loved ones, corporate culture does not appreciate such liberties. Professionalism is absolutely important, even more so when you are job hunting. The written word is considered to be a reflection of the writer’s personality, and you certainly do not want to come across as being unprofessional.
Tips For Identifying Corporate Culture And Your Fit
All of us are unique, they say, and so are organizations. Every company, though comprised of diverse individuals, adheres to a certain common pattern for conducting routine business activities and for making internal decisions. While experts differ on the exact definition of corporate culture, this general behavioral thread running through the company is probably the simplest indicator of its corporate culture, a culture that is uniquely its own.

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